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Date & Time
Date(s) - June 5, 2022
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Syötävä Puisto (Edible Park)


Allotment and Small Space Gardening workshop: Syötävä Puisto

This workshop is Part 2 of 3 in our gardening workshop series with agroecologist and permaculture designer Joshua Finch who will show us how to apply simple ecological principles in creating and maintaining a garden.

The second workshop will focus on no-dig methods in building a garden. No-dig gardening aims for minimal disturbance of the soil, ensuring natural processes are preserved and weed growth is minimised. During the workshop, we’ll build garden beds, plant seedlings, learn about standard planting distances, and other important considerations in planting. We’ll also look at how and why no-dig gardening is important for perennials like shrubs and trees. We’ll look at perennials in closer detail, checking their health and how we can improve issues related to water and soil health.

In general, the workshop deals with several interconnected issues:

  • Taking care of the basic soil health principles, like mulching bare ground
  • Stimulating plant growth through pruning
  • Fixing issues related to water & access
  • Increasing plant diversity though diverse cover crops

The workshop will be held at Syötävä Puisto (Edible Park) on the beautiful island of Mustikkamaa. Syötävä Puisto is a community urban farm, just 5km from Helsinki city centre.

Time: 13:00-17:00 on Sunday 5 June
Meeting place: Syötävä Puisto, Mustikkamaanpolku 10, Helsinki

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Mustikkamaa map

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